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DATE: _____________________

Applicant's Full Name:_______________________________________Date of Birth:_______________

Present Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________ State:___________ Zip:__________ Phone: (_____) _________________

Social Security Number: _________________________Driver’s Lic. # _________________________

Property interested in:____________________________Date Needed:________________________
How many persons will occupy this apartment (including self)? ____________ Please List Below.

______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Name Age Relationship Name Age Relationship

______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Name Age Relationship Name Age Relationship


Current Employer:_____________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________ Phone: (_____) __________________

Supervisors Name: ______________________________Employed From __________to_____________

Position: ______________________________________Salary: __________________week / month / year If Current Employment is less than one year, list previous employers and phone numbers:



Current Landlord:_____________________________________ Phone: (_____) _____________________

Landlord’s Address:__________________________________How long at this address:_______________ If Current Landlord is less than one year, list previous landlord:

Landlord _________________________________________Phone: (_____)_____________________

Address Rented: _____________________________________________Dates Rented: _______________

Have you ever filed for bankruptcy? ____________Been evicted from tenancy?______________________ Late on your rent payments? __________________Refused to pay rent when it was due? ______________ Been convicted of a felony?____________Who referred you to Grant Rentals?______________________

Who to contact in case of emergency:____________________________ Phone: (_____) ______________

Relationship _________________Address __________________________________________________
I hereby authorize Owner to conduct any credit and background checks on me that the Owner deems appropriate.

________________________ _________________________________ ______________
Applicant name (print) Applicant signature Date

________________________ _________________________________ ______________
Co-Applicant name (print) Applicant signature Date

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Rental Application
Example of Lease
Verification of Residency/ Employment

Verification of Residency/ Employment
Phone # 815-756-2337
Fax # 815-756-8033

I hereby authorize my Landlord/ Employer and/or credit agency to disclose the information requested below to Kris Grant.

________________________ _________________________________ ______________
Applicant name (print) Applicant signature SS#

________________________ _________________________________ ______________ Co-Applicant name (print) Co-Applicant Signature SS# Please return the application to Kris Grant. We will contact your landlord/employer for further information. Thank you.

From: Kris Grant

The applicant referenced above has applied for an apartment and has indicated you as their Landlord/ Employer. Please complete the following information and return it to us at your earliest convenience.

I. Landlord_______________________Address: __________________________________

1. Lease dates ________________________________
2. Rent amount $________________ Security Deposit amount $___________________
3. Number of late payments:__________________________________________________
4. Number of NSF checks in last 12 months_____________________________________
5. Have any unauthorized persons lived in this unit?_______________________________
6. Has this resident been found with a pet? _________________ Is it permitted? ________
7. Have there been any noise problems? _________________________________________
8. Have the police been called regarding the applicant or guests? ____________________,
If yes please explain _____________________________________________________
9. Has the applicant or guests acted in a physically violent or verbally abusive manner toward neighbors or staff? If yes, please explain _______________________________________
10. Amount of security deposit refunded to tenant $______________ Please explain _______ ________________________________________________________________________
11. 11. Would you rent to this resident again?_______________
12. 12. Other problems?________________________________________________________
13. 13. Are you related to this applicant? ________ If yes, how? _______________________

II. Employer Employee Name:___________________________________________________

1. Starting date_______________________ 2. Salary_________________________
3. Seasonal Part time Full time (please circle)- If part-time, how many hours/week?__________ 4. Continued Employment expected? Yes No
5. Are you related to this applicant? ________ If yes, how? ______________________

III. Landlord/Employer Thank you for your assistance!

_________________________________ _________________ ________________
Signature title date